As promised, I’m posting the link for the Callooh Callay pattern made from the simply scrumptous yarn by Frabjous Fibers.

The Callooh Callay Cowl is made from the March Hare Mini Skein Packs.  We have all the colors here at the Twisted Loop.  I can’t wait to get one knit up for the shop.

Happy Knitting,



April is going to be an exciting month here at the Twisted Loop Yarn Shop.  We will be participating in the 2014 Minnesota Yarn Shop Hop running April 10 – 13th.

I know April can be a crazy month with kids sports, spring starting (we hope), Easter, 2014 Shop Hop etc…  I though we’d keep this month’s KAL simple and pretty.  Everybody really enjoyed last  month’s Leftie so much that we’d stick with another of Martina Behm’s designs.

This month we will be working on Hitchhiker Shawl/Scarf.  It’s a pretty little thing with garter stitch construction and a-symetrical shape.  I’ll be knitting mine up in Crazy Zauberball, now to decide which color – always the hard part for me.

Leftie and Hitchhiker are available on Ravelry.  I hope you’ll join me in working ont this fun and shawl/scarf.  It’s perfect for cool evening walks and eventually cool evenings on the boat!

Happy Knitting,





It’s only been a few days since I last wrote and feel like there is so much to say.

The 2014 Minnesota Yarn Shop Hop is coming soon (April 10 – 14) and we are starting to ramp up for it.  The custom yarn has been ordered, the pattern is “super secret” and being knit by “super secret” knitters.  I’m stocking the shop with yummy yarns, bags and more.

Another wonderful thing that happens during the 2014 Minnesota Yarn Shop Hop  is each shop will be giving back to it’s community in the form of donations to a local food shelf.  In return for your donation (suggested $5) at each shop you will receive a collectible bead that – when you complete all 17 shops – you will be able to make into a lovely counting bracelet.

Here’s how it works;  you walk into the shop, hand over your money and they give you a bead.  This usually entails waiting in a line that is taking up very valuable Shop Hop time.  BUT if you purchase a VIP Pass at any of the 17 shops for $50 (a $35 dollar savings if you hit all 17 shops) you will be on a VIP List.  We will have your bead waiting for you and no need to worry about precious time being wasted waiting for someone to put their Ramen Noodles or Macaroni & Cheese into a box, or waiting for the cashier to make change for a $20.

Here at the Twisted Loop Yarn Shop the food/sundry items that are received will be donated to the CAP Agency and any cash donations are being donated to the R.O.C.K (Reaching Our Communities Kids) Weekend Backpack Program to feed at risk youth in our schools.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to call or check out the 2014 Minnesota Yarn Shop Hop Website for more information.

Happy Knitting,



Wednesday March Madness

For some reason the calendar on Wednesday evenings this month is completely open!  That NEVER happens.  We always have classes on Wednesdays.  Its MADNESS!  March Madness! – Basketball doesn’t have an exclusive on it’s degree of craziness.

So here’s what we’re gonna do.  If you’ve taken a class at the Twisted Loop Yarn Shop and want to finish it up with some help, c’mon in on Wednesday’s in March.  For $5 per session we’ll sit you down and “get er done”.

Here’s the 411 on March Madness Wednesdays:

Fee $5 per session

Dates:  Wednesdays, March 5, 12, 19

Time:  6:00pm – 7:30pm

Who:  Shari and Jenni

Why:  Because you want to get stuff done!

Registration is needed.  Please call to hold your spot!

Happy Knitting


NEW 3/3/14

You cross paths with many people during our time her on earth.  Sometimes they are there for long while and sometimes a mere blip on the map of your life.

Shari Besser was a blip.

Prior to owning the Twisted Loop, I would take classes at several yarn shops in the cities, experimenting with techniques and teachers alike.  I would always land back at my LYS, a familiar place, familiar people and a truly extraordinary teacher.

When my LYSO closed I moved on.  I knit with friends in the area and started my own LYS.  For the first 1 1/2 years ran the shop and taught all the classes.

Shari came into the shop one day, and then another and another.  Shari lived very close to the Twisted Loop and I was a convenience for her. I remembered seeking out classes she specifically taught at the LYS that had closed 5 years earlier.

I finally asked Shari to teach at the Twisted Loop.  She said yes and moved from “blip” on my life map to a constant and radiant light at the shop.  I saw students seeking out her classes and asking “when will Shari be in next” not knowing that she wasn’t an employee with a fixed schedule.

Fast forward to March 3, 2014.  Shari is officially working at the Twisted Loop Yarn Shop.  Note I say “at” the Twisted Loop and not “for” the Twisted Loop.  Shari is much more than an employee to me.  She is a constant source of support, advice and wisdom.   You’ll see changes coming to the Twisted Loop, changes with Shari’s experienced touch.  I’m very excited!

Please help me in welcoming Shari to the Twisted Loop.  She will be working every Monday from 10 – 3.

Happy Knitting,


March KAL – Leftie

I am a leftie.  Perfectly in my “right” mind at all times.  I remember vividly the cursive writing unit in 4th grade.  My teacher was sure I could learn to write properly even though I was left-handed.  I tried very hard to make my slants go the “right” way.  I turned my notebook upside down and sideways,  I even contorted my left hand into the shape of a U to get my writing to slant in the correct direction.  To no avail.  My teacher was frustrated and very discouraged.  I failed that unit.

Now days, they have left-handed notebooks and even college scholarships for those of us who dwell in the land of the left.

The Leftie Shawl by Martina Behm is not just for those of us who are left handed.  I have had this shawl in my Fave’s on Ravelry for over a year and simply love it.  The contrast of the yarn with the simplicity of the garter stitch make it a quick yet stunning knit.

I’m working mine up in Frabjous Fibers Cheshire Cat.  I have the Neon 5 pack in bright greens, purple and aqua.  I’m pairing it with natural Malabrigo Sock.  I am indeed enjoying this shawl.

Cast-on March 1st and knit with your fellow knitters.  Post your progress on the Twisted Loop’s Ravelry page or our Facebook page.  We love show and tell.

Happy Knitting,


Snow Day – February 21st

I love being an AM school bus driver.  It means I’m usually the one of the first people to know when school is being delayed/closed.  At 5:42am this morning I got the call.  We’re delayed 2 hours.  Okie dokie, no problem, an extra hour of sleep is always welcome.  An hour later, while I’m out shoveling off the back deck because I can’t sleep and the dog needs to take care of business, I get a call “Jenni, no worries about driving, school is closed.”

My thought to this is “I certainly hope so, no plow is in site, the dog is stuck in a snow drift and I may never get the driveway shoveled in time.”

The sun is now coming up and I debate on opening the shop today.  Some of you might brave the outdoors for the lack of something better to do, like stay home and work on projects I know you have to finish.  Some of you may be saying, “I’m sick of this weather, a little snow… um 9″ isn’t going to keep me home.”

I’m going to protect you from yourselves (smile) and force your hand in finishing or at least working on projects you have.  I will be answering my phone until 3:00pm today and taking emails as well.

Have a Happy Snow Day.  I know we’ve had several this year, but I’m not upset about this one last one (ha ha ha).

Happy Knitting,


February KAL – Biscuit

I like biscuits.  When I was a teen living in Alabama, my best friend’s mom would make biscuits and sausage gravy.  Like most of my BFF’s mom’s cooking I didn’t ask where the meat came from, I just enjoyed it – A LOT!

This month we’re back to doing KAL’s.  I thought the Biscuit Cowl by Blue Peninsula would be a lovely light knit.  Lacey at the edge and simple at the end knit in a lovely bright fingering weight yarn, this pretty knit will cure our winter blues.

Biscuit can be purchased on Ravelry or here at the Twisted Loop.  I can’t wait to get it started.

Happy Knitting,






The Twisted Loop Yarn Shop follows the District 719 (Prior Lake/Savage Area Schools) School Closing Schedule.  If there is no school, the shop is closed.  What adult gets to enjoy a good old fashioned “snow day”?  Many of you know I have two kiddos here at the Krosnowski Farm and my first priority is to spending time with them.  Nobody ever regreted taking a day off to spend with their children ;)

It’s going to be really cold on January 27th.  To celebrate our “STILL Crazy Stupid Cold”  (again) the Twisted Loop Yarn Shop will be closed.  I’ll be staying home, warm and safe in my home with the ladies (my girls).

I won’t be lying around doing nothing though.  I’ve thought up a reall fun KAL for February and another for March!  I can’t wait.  Too bad it’s only realistic to do one a month or I’d be doing them both in February.

I’m also in the throes of writing up my Top Secret item for the MN Yarn Shop Hop in April.  I’ve knit it up and it’s really pretty, I just need to get it down on paper.

Stay safe and warm.

Happy Knitting,




2014 Hour Changes


I like crickets, I really do, their song is soothing and cheerful.  They give a sweet sound to an otherwise quiet night.  However, I don’t like hearing crickets at the shop.  Thursday nights since we have opened have been a party with me and the crickets.  Beginning January 2nd we will be opening at 10am and closing at 3pm on Thursdays.  Saturdays we will be adding an hour on as well.

So, here are the new shop hours:

Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri 10am – 3pm

Wednesdays 1pm – 8pm

Saturday 10am – 4pm

Happy Knitting




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