May the Best Man Win

We all fantasize about that man who will, after working a full week, come home take care of the kids, make dinner, throw some laundry in the washer and perhaps actually move the furniture when he vacuums.  He is indeed a fantasy, a mere phantom of perfection that we like to try to project upon our own beloved spouses.  Some say that Karma is a bitch and will give you exactly what you deserve in life… true… so true.

I’m not a lazy person by nature.  I grew up with the necessity to know how to move quickly, adapt easily and keep an extremely tidy room.  My family was the quintessential military family.  I confess that latley my “happy home-maker” skills have been lax due to my need to supply the shop with great samples and fun classes.  To be perfectly honest it’s all a ruse, smoke and mirrors, I just want to knit with really great yarn.  There you have it, the truth cometh out.  This knitting need  has replaced the true need for clean clothes, decent meals and clean toilets here at the Krosnowski Farm.

In steps the “fantasy man”.  My husband.  He was raised by a good German mother who fought dust and dirt like it was an invading force from a distant country.  Her children (well… her son at least) were on board with her mission to clean all things inanimate.

People ask me how I do it all; drive school bus, own a shop, make samples, update the website, blog, facebook, knit, cook, clean, get the kids to and from their many activities, maintain a good sense of humor and have great hair – most of the time,  etc… Well, his name is BOB!  He is the reason it all gets done,  So take that Karma… I must’ve done something good in my life (queue Sound of Music – Must’ve Done Something Good song).


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